Brought to You by the Letter U

17 Nov

In my quest to write more on this here blog, I’ve been re-acquainting myself with WordPress. Yesterday I noticed that under the Categories….uh…category, there was one listing. I clicked, not remembering what category I used for an old post and found the only category any of my blogs were listed under was “Uncategorized.”

The brilliance of this for personal blogs is astounding. It encapsulates the idea that your writing, thoughts, your very being is at once nothing and everything. Posted here is nothing while at the same time infinite somethings.

Insert Kristin’s mind Asploding.

This is one of those ideas that completely excites and fills me with terror. On one hand it says, “Hey you, yeah you there! You are rather insignificant. Maybe don’t worry about proofreading so much.” But it (or It, as the case may be. Who can know?) completely contradicts its own premise, because it recognizes the nobody. How can you be a nobody, if somebody points at you, seeing you for the sham you are.

Sit with that for a while, would you? Oh, and you’re an unimportant, significant, beautiful twat, by the way.

I’m gonna go mop up some gray matter now.


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